D3 versions - 3.5.8 or 1.0.0?

Which version of D3 should Meteor use by default? I did a “meteor add d3” and:

  • the version in the .meteor/versions in my project is d3@1.0.0
  • the source file that ends up in the project has a version number of 3.1.4 (in d3.js)
  • the version in the Meteor repository (https://atmospherejs.com/d3js/d3) seems to be 3.5.8, which looks fairly recent.

Doing a “meteor add d3@3.5.8” gives me a “no such version” error. Is there a way to get 3.5.8 installed?

I would recommend meteor add d3js:d3 to add the official D3 package. meteor add d3 adds the MDG D3 package which has flags suggesting it may not always work.

In summary:

meteor remove d3
meteor add d3js:d3

That’s fixed it - thank you!

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