Dao.af, a minimalist reddit browser

Hi all, big Meteor user here, I’ve used it for 6 years. I want to share a Reddit search interface I made called Dao. I’m focusing on speed of reading and learning.

It also tags results as you search so you can thematically browse through an ever-growing tag cloud.

It’s completely built in Meteor. Here’s the code. I’m looking for anything and everything: feedback, partner coders, business partners, or just a chat.

I’m also happy to help with anyone else’s projects.

I hope it’s useful and fun: www.dao.af.


Nice I like how to simple it is!

Be careful you have your mongo credentials inside package.json which will allow anyone to just erase your database


Those are old credentials but thank you kindly for pointing that out, I forgot those were there.

Thank you so much for the compliment. It is fun trying to be as simple yet intelligent as possible.

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