Dark forum theme request

I have a tendency to read forums at night (currently 1am…Lol) and would love a darker color scheme ^^ that’s all - goodnight

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There is a chrome extension called style bot that lets you override a sites css and publish it for other users. It is a great way to make site work the way you want them to. It also looks like discourse is working on it https://meta.discourse.org/t/a-more-robust-ecosystem-for-creating-sharing-and-modifying-themes/24402/5

Damn you. Now all I see is how bright it is, awww my eye’s.


I made a dark theme for the forum you need to install style bot on chrome to use it. enjoy and damn to for bring the brightness to my attention it was intolerable after you mentioned it.



No chrome webstore on android. will check it out on my laptop, and hopefully it’ll apply to my phone as well :smile: Thanks for the effort!