Data from collection to autoform as autovalue


Hi. I have a collection which has field with multiple data made by simpleSchema:
RoomOwner: {
Name:{ type: String, label: “Name”} },
Email:{ type: Email, label: “Email” }
Collection name with more-less this build
Dormitory:{ nrOfRoom:{ type: String, label: “nrofroom”, }, Roommates: {type : [ RoomOwner ] }

Now Im making another Collection in which I would like to have possibility to share bills between roommates and deal with other financial problems.
To achieve that I want to use Schema again but I can’t find how to use data from Dormitory to fill some of the inputs in this new Schema.
Dormitory room 1: roommate Adam, Adam2
new simpleSchema- -> Bills&Bills month summary -> create 2 fields for Adam and Adam2
Dormitory room 2: roommate Katy, Katy2, Katy3
same simpleSchema -> Bills&Bills month sumary -> create 3 fields for Katy1,2,3