Database and core separation: how far is too far?

Correct me if I am wrong but are the speeds of database APIs currently so fast that it is totally okay to host them in a separate datacenter?

That seems to be the conclusion of Galaxy suggesting to host database elsewhere (Atlas, Compose, etc.)

So the only requirement is to have it in the same region? What are your real experiences under heavy workloads?

Yes, keep your db and app in the same region, provider doesn’t matter. Compose, Atlas and Galaxy all do AWS.

Meteor uses oplog, so there’s a lot of round-trips to the db from the app. If you move app and db too far, it will dramatically impact your performance and user experience.

So, just keeping database in the same region is enough even for high-load applications?

From what I know Atlas has some high-end customers with high loads, so from that I would guess that the answer is yes.

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I think you are right taking into account optic fibre and speed of light at 300 000 km/s ) The only slow downs are in switches between providers and data regions.

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As everyone suggested, keep the server and database hosted in the same region, otherwise you will notice considerable latency.

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