Database search displays results incrementally

In my test application (Meteor-React), I have only 22 documents in my collection. The collection is published and I subscribe on the client. I do a search to find all documents and display the results in an unordered list. Although it works correctly, the display will incrementally keep updating with a new set of results until all are found. There is also a count field which I can watch update as the documents load. It goes through 7 or 8 updates/screen refreshes before all 22 documents are loaded.

When running on localhost I don’t experience this and the list appears instantly and complete. But on I see this delay. Although I expect better performance when I deploy for real on another service, this is altering me to the idea that I might need to do something differently.

Is there a way to make the application simply display the entire list at once instead of incremental updates? I can provide sample code if needed, but I suspect this is a general design pattern question.


You could try using

Thank you for the suggestion. I had seen this package and planned to give it a try eventually, but I guess I’ll try it now. Are there any disadvantages to using this?

I can’t think of any - save the “obvious” one: if the initial data load does take a long time, you may have to resort to a loading spinner. There are a few canned examples of those on atmosphere, like

OK. thanks! I’ll give it a try. :slightly_smiling: