Date time picker

is there any date time picker rather then tsega:bootstrap3-datetimepicker for meteor?

i am getting much trouble to use tsega:bootstrap3-datetimepicker and i could not find any other date time picker package.

I am using rajit:bootstrap3-datepicker , should be the same bootstrap3 package as what you are using. So far so good. What’s your trouble like?

the problem is when i want to customize like only date or only time using
$('#birthDateTime').datetimepicker({ format: "DD/MM/YYYY" });
it stops working.
and also it only opens on icon click only and if i remove icon from the html it stops working again.

It should work properly - I’m using it in several projects with no issues. Can you share more of your code, like where you’re calling datetimepicker, what your template looks like, etc.? Can you also explain what you mean by “it stops working” - do you see any client side errors or it just won’t load/show?

I had a similar problem with tsega:… Had to downgrade to a 3.x version. If there is an alternative that will be great.

this worked for me

    format: 'DD.MM.YYYY',
    minDate: moment().add(1, 'days')

I’ve swapped all my projects to and it’s been working flawlessly with custom callbacks, formats etc

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i found a way… and it works fine…

i was writting the code in Template.TemplateName.rendered = function () {} portion

but now i put the code
$('#birthDateTime').datetimepicker({ format: "DD/MM/YYYY", inline: true, sideBySide: true });
in <script> tag inside template.

and it works fine

nice… i will try that also…

Folks, how do all these solutions integrate with AutoForm? Pls do update.

Any updates pls… Bummmpppp…

i have another issue…
if date time picker selection section opens below the text box it works fine. but if it opens above the text box it does not let you select any date or time at all.
any one having this problem and found any solution ?

meteor version
tsega:bootstrap3-datetimepicker version 4.17.37_1