Date/time sync logic


Hi Everyone!

I am trying to make an appointment/booking application on Meteor and am facing some date/time issues. I am thinking of writing that logic from scratch and need help from you lovely people :wink:

Q1) How do i make sure all Date/times are in UTC ?
Q2) I have made some time slots a user can select from (like below):

  • 9:00 - 9:59
  • 10:00 - 10:59
    etc etc
    These slots are selected on user end and the time i get is based on his browser/computer, how do i make all these sync together?
    In addition i have to make sure a user doesn’t book an appointment in the same slot which is already booked by another client.

I would really appreciate any pointers.


I was trying to do the same and eventually decided to use strings instead of dates. So store a date like "2016-05-02" or "2016-05-02 14:20" then use moment on both the client and the server to convert this to a date object (moment(stringDate, 'YYYY-MM-DD').toDate()). If you want to pass dates between the client and the server, just convert them to string locally with moment (moment().format('YYYY-MM-DD')) before passing them. This way nothing can go wrong :slight_smile:


Thanks Csiszi!

I understand your concept but how to sync the two (front-end and server-end) dates in the same timezone?
The new Date function on browser returns the user’s computer date which might be very different from server’s date. However all the calculations need to cater for these differences.

#4 - This might be helpful for you. Not 100% sure though :frowning:


In my case the timezone was connected to an apartment which means the timezone was irrelevant (11:20 was always meant 11:20 “apartment time”). If you have to deal with different timezones (e.g. you have to show 11:20 for person A and 9:20 for person B) than this approach won’t work and you have to use Dates, but new Date() will always return local time with time-zone information in it.


Q1 ) use moment.utc()
if you need to display hours in local timezone use moment timezone

Q2) why do you need to get a time for fixed slots, hardcode slots and just remove unavailable slots based on bookings ?