DateTime picker that works with Aldeed autoform? (Materialize/material design)

Im currently using gildaspk:autoform-materialize and when I write in my schema

date: {
    type: Date,
    autoform: {
        type: "pickadate",
        afFieldInput: {
            type: "pickadate"

it works very nice when selecting the date, nothing strange whatsoever. However I would also like to select the time. All I can find about this is to use the autoform-bs-datetimepicker package but this means that I have to download the bootstrap package. I don’t want to do this and can’t as the rest of my code is based on materialize. Is there any package out there for materialize/material design that lets you choose date/time simultaneously? Thanks!

Just make an select element, with allowed times or generate them programmatically! No need for special time picker. This way you can allow/disallow time more easily and do other sorts of custom logic.

I’d rather use this in combination with moment.js later on. How would I then combine the date and time together? Could you provide a very basic example? In mongo when I pick a date I get something like this:

Where the time always is T23:00:00.000Z because I not able to pick it. Is it possible to make an options list with only the suggested times and then replace the T23:00:00.000Z with the newly generated time? It seems that there should be a less trickier way to do this.


Well that should not be a problem, upon submit event parse the value with moment.js and set hour & minute manually with .setMinute() and .setHour(). To save it back as compatible ISO String use .toISOString().

Also you do not even have to use moment.js for this manipulation. You could simple initiate a new Date(pickedDate) and manipulate it with the native javascript api.

Ok, thanks I will try this out!