Dating website/app built with Meteor?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find a dating website or application built with Meteor to see how Meteor can be used in this field but I didn’t find any for now.
Can you post some here or maybe other apps that have similarities with dating apps/websites ?


This website is built in Meteor.

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Nice ! The concept is also interesting, I like it. Thanks.

Suitor was built with Meteor, as well. @suitor can tell you more about it.

I also found this one :
Here’s an interesting blog post about how they built it :

I have a friend who has found Meteor to be a perfect back-end for their dating apps (they shipped 2 so far, neither has gotten massive adoption yet and they are still experimenting).

Edit: apparently, only one is in App Store so far.

From what I hear, the use of Meteor iOS library is a huge help for them since they are strong believers of native iOS UI with complex interactive gestures and animations.

The marketing site (pre-launch), if you are interested:

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Sorry for the epic bump, but I am trying to do something similar and wanted some input.

I’ve read here and there that Meteor reactivity wouldn’t scale that well e.g. for chat/messaging features? That it would only support a couple hundred concurrent users (wouldn’t be a very good dating app, hah), versus tens of thousands (what I’m aiming for). Can anyone who has tried something like this, or is knowledgeable enough, comment on whether this or true? What kind of precautions should I take if I were to build this with Meteor to make sure it doesn’t blow up?

Or would this just be better suited for Apollo/GraphQL? @sashko

I know scale shouldn’t really be too concerning so early on, and I should probably just focus on developer productivity, but it’d really suck if my Meteor app could only scale to a hundred concurrent connections of people messaging each other, and I’d have to rewrite the entire thing in Apollo/GraphQL if I ever get to a thousand.

What would you build this with if you were to do it today?

Awesome, go for it. For this, I would d build straight out in Meteor/React on Galaxy…
scaling costs for dating could easily be covered & more thruogh working your list/ads
Ship first…otherwise its all academic :wink:
Good luck