DDP and RESTful APIs

I apologise in advance if this has already been asked before…

As I did some search, it seems it’s worth to interact via DDP, for example, using Ruby in the backend.
In this case, will I still be able to create RESTful APIs, so that 3rd party apps will be able to interact with my application?

It seems this one is related DDP vs REST Backend

Yes, you should use nimble:restivus.

There’s only one little catch I’ve found with it – you have to add an options route to login to change the headers around and add the allow rules.

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Thanks, I will check this out when I come to it.
At the moment, I’m researching in advance what I can do with MeteorJS.

Thanks again! :smile:

Here’s a nice article on meteorpedia that mentions multiple ways to accomplish this.

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@corvid @mordrax @tenzan
Hi guys, I build a web service REST API from meteor and the client is native
android java. I wanna upload file from my android using rest or ddp. but
until now, i havent found the solution about uploading file via ddp or
using rest. Anybody wants to help me?