DDP batching on server-side minimongo?

I’m unclear where this ended up. Is there DDP batching on minimongo server-side, and if so, is there a way to disable it?
My question relates to server-server streaming and some performance issues that seem to have arisen. Not sure at all that the problem is related to DDP batching but the best way to test that is to turn it off…

[client-side its… Meteor.connection._bufferedWritesInterval = 0; ]


To the best of my knowledge (and a quick canter through the DDP packages), batching is done on the client only. However, it looks like it may be possible for client code to run on a server if it’s connected in a client/server way (server/server pub/sub and call/method). That may mean you can get batching on the server too!

This thread mentions breaking the meteor-streams package and may help:

Thanks Rob, Love the ease of use of streams/emitters and there are a batch of them out there now. Not just ease of use tho - sometimes (well, often, in the IOT world) Apps simply demand emitters. Not clear to me why meteor-streams was the one affected. Sad to see it unsupported and now broken - some very elegant Arunoda code there. I’m left to wonder why he discontinued?
There’s ‘rocket-chat streamer’ with a comfortable look and feel.
But I believe the only streamer that supports server-server is https://github.com/flyandi/Meteor-EventDDP - forked from the original original by Raix. Haven’t gone deep to understand how it relates to server-side minimongo, but I guess that’s how it works.

Need the thin guys with the 375ml Perrier in their left hand to break out a bit. Big world out there.
What do we want?
Streamers in core. (and server-server)
When do…etc

Have you tried setting bufferedWritesInterval to 0? The code implies that will revert it to standard (no batching) operation.

DDP.connect(url, { bufferedWritesInterval: 0 });
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wow. could have sworn I tried that precise code and it gave me purple vomit. Well, working in common code just fine now. Thank you.
Not sure how to inspect server-side connections to verify it has accepted the change tho. But I will try to see whether there is an effect on data transport.


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