Ddp-client socksjs ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on local

Hey everyone, I need some help

The problem

I’m having an issue where when I start my local dev server with meteor, about 3/5 times the client’s socksjs connection via ddp-client.js isn’t able to connect and gets an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. All other connections work fine (websocket, JS, css, etc). This is seriously annoying so I’m hoping somebody here knows the problem.

I’m seeing this in the console

The socks is attempting to connect to, which is my correct internal ip.

What I’ve tried

  • setting the port manually with meteor --port 3000
  • waiting for Meteor.status().status === 'connected' on the client before making any calls

If you’d like to recreate the problem yourself you can pull down the package I’m working on, ProseMeteor and try running the app yourself by running the bash run_demo script.

I appreciate any help!

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