DDP.connect subscribe never becomes "ready"


I’m trying to connect two meteor apps (server-side), and I’m quite happy with DDP.connect. However, the subscribe function never calls the onReady callback, nor does the ready() function of the returned subscription ever become true. Am I doing something wrong?

Here is a minimal code snippet to illustrate the problem. It assumes another meteor app running on port 3000 with a published items collection:

const a = DDP.connect("http://localhost:3000");
var aItems = new Mongo.Collection('items', a);
const sub = a.subscribe("items", function() {
  // this is never called!

// also:
Meteor.setTimeout(function() {
   sub.ready(); // this remains false
}, 10000);

Am I doing something wrong?


May be

var aItems = new Mongo.Collection('items', {connection: a});

And guess your server-side collection also should be named items


To clarify: the connection and even the subscription works just fine. I get all the documents from the remote collection and can also write to it (insert/update/remove). I just never get the ready message, even though I can tell that it is fully synced.


Ah, I see. But doesnt this would trigger?

const sub = a.subscribe("items");
Tracker.autorun(() => {


No, unfortunately sub.ready() remains false no matter how long I wait.


You may also look at a.connection._subscriptions. So there should be your sub with ready state. I guess if it doesnt handled you should report a bug on GH.



I found my problem. I got myself confused by having an (incorrect) publish function while autopublish was still active. The publish function didn’t work, but since I still received data on the other end (due to autopublish) I was looking for the problem elsewhere.

Sorry for the false alarm and thanks for trying to help, @mrzafod! I appreciate it.