DDP.connect working server-side, but not client-side

I have an instance of a Meteor application running on a self-hosted server (from here on, called “backend”).

I intend to have an Electron-embedded “client” connect to the backend application. I wrote up a very simple Meteor application with the following:

Meteor.connection = DDP.connect(‘https://myserver.co’);
Items = new Mongo.Collection(‘items’, Meteor.connection);
Meteor.connection.subscribe(‘items’, function () {
console.log(‘Remote Items’, Items.find().count());


items: function () {
return Items.find();
itemCount: function () {
return Items.find().count();

The Items collection is perfectly fine on the server side and from the meteor shell. It’s able to connect back to the server over websockets.
However, the client side is continually trying (and failing, by design) to connect over SockJS, which is not the desired functionality. The Items collection client-side is empty.

Meteor.connection.status() is always “connected” server-side, but “waiting” (and re-trying over and over) client-side. Can somebody explain this behavior?