DDP is very slow (takes 28-45s to load from subs ready), on all collections

Unexplainable slow behavior since yesterday. We’ve just updated to latest version (1.10.1) a couple days ago (!) and it’s only me experiencing this very slow loading (not my colleagues but they run Ubuntu whilst I’m the only one on MacOS). So the problem exists only since a couple of hours, no changes to any packages or Meteor for days.

It takes 28-45s to load some 387 docs into MiniMongo.

I’ve tried to use the Meteor DevTools Evolved Chrome extension but both the DDP and MiniMongo tab doesn’t show anything at all. Only when I installed Meteor DevTools (old version from the The Bakery) it showed the very slow loading via DDP.

We’ve tried the following to no avail:

  • Meteor reset on both frontend / backend
  • Meteor update on both frontend / backend
  • Removed node_modules on both frontend / backend
  • Removed bundler-cache/linker folder
  • Tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari (all show same behavior)
  • Tried both the Production and the Beta database, same problem

I’ve had the same behavior when I tried to upgrade to 1.9 back when it just came out. I reverted back to 1.9.

The logs are all showing the same behavior, nothing (no CPU, no request) happens for a couple of seconds before the first couple of docs come dripping in. Then a pause for a couple seconds, then a couple more docs, a pause, a couple more docs.

I would pull my hair out but none is left.

As it became worse and worse (taking minutes to load 10 docs) I reversed the update and went down to Meteor version 1.8.3.

Good news is that I can work again, bad news is there’s a serious problem with DDP and I wonder why I’m the only in the whole World who has this problem.

Have you tried to analyze client-side performance with Chrome’s JS Profiler during the initial load of the documents to MiniMongo collection? I once had a similar experience seeing huge time intervals between DDP messages during the initial loading of the documents to my app; it turned out to be an issue with the client-side performance of the app. It might not be your case, but anyway JS Profiler should give you a good insight.

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Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I will give it a try