Dead easy wrappers for uihooks and css animations


I needed an easy way to animate elements in Blaze, and I found the _uihooks current implementation quite verbose so I built these packages. Feedback is welcome!


Looking for a package to help me in a nice way to show my information

I like this a lot. It’s one of the first times I’ve read the code examples in an animations package and thought: “Yeah, I get that. Nice, simple API. I could start using that in my projects right now.”

(By the way, you’ve come up with a lot of really cool and genuinely useful packages recently. I’m personally very grateful!)


Thanks! Glad you find it useful. That’s part of what makes Meteor such a great platform to work on. Having people sharing the solutions to the problems they spent time on through packages to save other folks’ time. I’m happy to give back.


I just stumbled across this wonderful package.

I cleaned out all my messy and long code thanks to you!

I was just wondering, what library did you use for your demo animations?


Nevermind! I found it :smile:

EDIT 2 :

@gwendall I am using template subscriptions and it seems that animation is messing up the loaded ui of subscribed items. Is this package meant to be not used with dynamic subscriptions?


Awesome! Thanks for sharing gonna try and use it now for my project.