Dealing with accounts-password's username case sensitivity


I’m wondering how people are accounting for the case-sensitivity of Meteor’s accounts-password package for usernames.

The way things are right now, if someone registers with and tries to log in using, the login fails.

What have been your solutions to this problem? Do you write your own login system just to achieve username case-insensitivity?


Here is a discussion


Yep I’ve been following that discussion. So far there’s no official solution. There has to be a solution that someone has created. There are a lot of production Meteor apps now. Nobody expects for their logins to be case-sensitive and with mobile devices auto-capitalizing everything this is something that people are going to run into more and more.


How about find collection hooks on Meteor.users? Sorry I haven’t a working example yet.


looks like they plugged the issue finally. Check the gitHub link above for updates =)