Debug.js debugger (with Webstorm)

Since updating Webstorm to 2017.3 and also Meteor to 1.6 I am getting an annoying new feature of debug.js being written to .meteor/local/build/programs/server/debug.js.

It contains the followiing:

exports.pause = function () {
  // The debugger pauses here when you run `meteor debug`, so that you can
  // set breakpoints or add `debugger` statements to your server code
  // before the code begins executing. Once you have set any breakpoints
  // you wish to set, click the |▶ button to continue.

It means that every time I save any changes to the code the debugger triggers and I have to press the |▶ button to continue.

My guess is that it is something Webstorm is doing, but can anyone confirm? Can it be turned off?


I’m afraid that’s because webstorm is starting the meteor process with --inspect-brk=PORT instead of --inspect alone. Not sure if that’s something that users can configure anywhere.

An alternative is to launch it in “Run” mode but with --inspect and do the debugging with chrome dev tools (which is far from ideals since i prefer to debug in webstorm directly).

Also, at least for me, this new debugger of Node 8 works worse than the old node-inspector, since sometimes it skips lines or omits breakpoints after async calls. Hopefully it gets better with next version.

Thank you. I have added a comment to the jetbrains issue for meteor debugging:

Hopefully they will re-open the issue and make the change.

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The additional comment appears to have been ignored. So instead I have created a new issue. Can anyone who is affected by the issue please vote.

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The fix is mentioned in the comments of the issue: add --inspect as program argument, see

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But --inspect is something else. That piece of code is annoying as ****, but is it Jetbrains that’s responsible for it? I think Meteor puts it there and IMO it shouldn’t. IntelliJ and Webstprm behave exactly as the file description say it should.