Debug production Cordova app

Hey guys,
is it possible to debug a Cordova app in production mode? After upgrading to (from and some code changes, our “old” app stopped working. It seems like that HCP doesn’t work, because the newest layout changes aren’t visible. Kadira doesn’t show any errors, but some client side functions show some weird behavior (f.e. the start button is still disabled or some Tracker functions stopped changing input values). If I use the latest Android app, which matches with the current build, everything is working fine.

I’ve also opened an issue

If you do a production build, you can open the output project in Android Studio (or Xcode). There you should be able to debug it. For Android, you can also deploy the APK to the device and use Chrome remote debugging instead. But in this case, you might miss some logs. For both scenarios, you have to setup a QA server that resembles your current server state and serves as a backend for your app production build. I am using a separate build script with different connection settings for this.

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Thank you for the answer :slight_smile: I’ve to say, that we are using the Crosswalk plugin. If I remember right, I’ve read somewhere that it isn’t possible to read the logs in Chrome or Android Tools if the Crosswalk app isn’t in debug mode.

My Chrome Developer Tools don’t list it if I’ve opened it on the connected device.