Debugging Cucumber steps via Chimp


Hello, Meteor community!

I’m yet another person coming from a lot of Rails work in the past handful of years and I just joined a team working with Meteor. I’m trying to get unit, integration, and acceptance tests as part of our regular process here. All of the work by the Xolvio team has been excellent but I’m still trying to piece together some points of confusion I have.

My goal is to have acceptance coverage with Gherkin+cucumber and integration/unit coverage with mocha. I’d like to run it all via chimp and get CI running. I’ve been stuck for awhile trying to get breakpoints working in the middle of cucumber steps. I’m running my tests like this:

chimp --ddp=http://localhost:3000 --path=tests/acceptance --debugCucumber

The browser pauses correctly but when I hit enter back in my terminal it doesn’t resume execution. It looks like someone had a similar issue that was resolved, but it looks like that was related to running on Windows and I’m on a Mac. I’m also wondering if I’m going about this all wrong because the chimp documentation suggests using node-inspector but I wasn’t having any more luck with that route.

Am I missing something obvious here? Any nudge in the right direction would be really great. Thanks for any help!


So there’s a couple of things going on here.

The similar issue you’ve mentioned is for when you use’s browser.debug command, it will pause and wait for you to press enter. I’ve just had a quick look and this part actually has a regression bug as Chimp is not passing the Enter command to Please file in issue in the Chimp repo and we’ll get to it.

I think the issue you’re having with connecting the debugger is because you need to use debugCucumberBrk, where Chimp will wait for you to connect the debugger before it starts. Once the debugger is connected, you control the flow using node-inspector / your preferred debug GUI.