Debugging in 1.3

After I updated to Meteor 1.3, my debugging process has slowed down.

Before 1.3, the Safari debugger tools let me navigate through my folder structure to a specific file and place a breakpoint. It would take about <1 seconds to get to a file and place the breakpoint.

Now, the code appears as 1 large app.js. I have to to search for specific text - and then load it. The search takes 3-4 seconds, and the load takes about 5 seconds.

Do any more experienced developers recommend debugging tools or strategies that work better in Meteor+React? I’m not using any specific packages except Meteor Debug for server-side.

I don’t know why you’re experiencing that, but I’m not a Safari user. Sounds like the map isn’t loading. I’ve been using 1.3 since it came out, and the only time I’ve seen that is with Chrome 51 which is broke. Using the Chrome 52 beta fixes it.