Debugging in IE10, what a nightmare

For some reason, when I open up the dev tools and try to inspect the DOM, all I see is this:

Why is this happening? Unfortunately I need to make sure IE10 works, but I’m not even able to inspect the DOM for some odd reason.

for older versions of IE, I found firebug to be a little more useful for debugging. firebug will display the contents of dom nodes. I don’t know why IE10 dev tools do not.

firebug is unintuitive to install in IE10, if you want to try it here’s the method I used :

  • from IE10, go here :
  • right click ( or CTRL-click if you run windows in Virtual Box from a mac) the link under ‘Add the following link to your bookmarks’
  • confirm you want to add it to your bookmarks
  • navigate to your app
  • click the small star icon in the IE10 menu ( upper right, next to the gear )
  • cilck on the ‘Firebug lite debug icon’
    now you should see the firebug panel at the bottom of your website.
    i feel your pain.

Cool, very helpful, thanks!! Much better than IE10’s built-in dev tools. Just too bad you can’t edit styles on the fly, though… but we do what we can. :slight_smile: