Debugging meteor any help appreciated

I’ve created a somewhat popular application with meteor and though development was quick and easy I’m finding that meteor seems to be a complete black box to me and I have no idea how to debug things when they don’t go right.

Recently I’ve experienced 2 issues with my app:

  • A page just sat loading as Iron Router was waiting for the subscription to be ready and it never was. I’m tailing the application log (hosted on modulus) and see nothing and getting no client errors. I had to just restart the server.

  • I’m having trouble logging in via an oauth server, the popup appears and is confirmed but then the user ui is just sat with a loading icon. Refreshing the page keeps me in a logged out state. Again I’m tailing the logs and see nothing, no client errors and the meteor_oauth_pendingCredentials collection is empty.

With both of these issues I feel essentially blind and unable to resolve them as I have no information as to what’s going on with my application. I’ve obviously searched for debugging meteor but not coming up with anything useful.

I also have setup on this application and am seeing some errors in there - but don’t seem related to the issues I’m experiencing as they’re not happening when the issue is - but even in I find the information I need really isn’t there for the errors.

One tool that has been useful for me in debugging subscriptions is

it’s a log of all the ddp messages between the client and your app