Debugging Meteor Freezing / Unresponsive?

I have been working on a little app, and noticed that it becomes unresponsive at times. I can refresh the browser and the page reloads, but no clicks are routing. The clicks sometimes are recognized, but seem to do nothing but log into the console.

I simply can’t get the app to route forward, and nothing shows when I run

METEOR_PROFILE=1 METEOR_LOG-debug meteor --verbose

I have to kill the current meteor session and restart, then it behaves normally again.

Any ideas on other things I can try to dig into this further.

I set breakpoints in Chrome Dev Tools at the click event, and it does trigger the breakpoint when I click, but if I use the little step over / into button in Dev tools, again, it won’t go to the next step, and nothing is responsive.

Rebooted my Mac, and same result as well.

Any help or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

This is entirely anecdotal, but the most common way I end up with a locked or unresponsive browser is when I get into an autorun loop, usually by getting & setting the same reactive var in an autorun. Usually I track it down by dropping console logs into the autoruns, and then watching the console to see one firing thousands of times =)

I gave this a try yesterday for most of the day, granted I just started meteor, but didn’t run the application due to other commitments, but it only went into the startup once that I saw in the console. I’ll try again today and see if I have time to run the application and see if there’s any difference.