Debugging meteor update and proxy? (windows)

I’ve been trying to get my proxy settings correct on windows.
Is there any way to get more verbose output or logging on meteor update?

What is meteor update actually doing? Does it go out to Does it always do it on port 443?


Hi I’m currently facing the same problem while updating/adding packages behind my company fire wall. Also my company uses windows 7.
(Refer : ) <-- this the official instructions from git hub. I have also checked stackoverflow. But nothing substantial could be found. Do you have any idea how to solve this issue. I can not add new packages from the command line neither I can update the meteor package catalog. Although personally I use to work in OSX, but my company uses Windows 7., which is giving me a difficult time.

I have the same problem.
Furthermore, I am the owner of the chained proxy that meteor connects to and I get this funny line in the access.log:

1441809073.817      0 TAG_NONE/400 4394 NONE error:invalid-request - HIER_NONE/- text/html

somehow when I put squid in full debug, I only see a funny request string when it tries to update a package:

>meteor update
Sorry, this project uses Meteor, which is not installed and could not be downloaded. Please check to make sure that you are online.
   Downloading meteor-tool@1.1.3...          \

and I see:

reset: Request buffer is N
2015/09/09 16:31:13.817| parseRequestFirstLine: parsing possible request: N 

which actually reads as funny ASCII "┬ ┴ N "characters…

I also would like to know how meteor update works: protocol, tcp, udp, https, http, endpoint, etc.

Did you solve this issue?