Debugging the compilation process

I am using ACE editor in my project and included ace-builds in project (as a npm package).
It works fine, but when I include a certain file, meteor tries to compile the file node_modules/ace-builds/editor.html.

Created a small project that includes only this problem to try and debug, but I can’t find where editor.html is referenced or why. ext-language-tools.js is the problematic import.

# /imports/ace.js
import 'ace-builds/src/ace.js';
import 'ace-builds/src/ext-language_tools.js';
export default ace;

I am trying to debug the compilation process to find where and why editor.html is referenced.
How does one go about it?

Oddly enough, completely deleting editor.html file from node_modules/ace-builds fixes (or works around) this issue without complaining that it’s missing.