Deciphering validation-error, expectedType matches value

Reposting this from Github to see if anyone here may have come across this in their projects:

I get this sporadic error for one of my methods:

	description: 'Part number must be of type Number',
	errorType: 'ClientError',
	name: 'ClientError',
	error: 'validation-error',
	details: [
			name: 'partNumber',
			value: 1,
			type: 'expectedType',
			dataType: 'Number',
			message: 'Part number must be of type Number',

The value in question 1 is of the type defined in the schema: Number . Am I misreading something in the error? Would it make sense to modify the message to say: X must be of type Number but received {actual received type} ?

The fact that it is sporadic (for a method that is fired a few thousand times a day I get this error 1-2 times) is making it difficult to debug. Any tips/suggestions/obvious oversights in the error message above much appreciated.