Decorators on class for ES2015?

Has somebody found a practical way to setup decorators for ES2015 classes ? Babel supports it

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You can create a package using babel-compiler and activate es7.decorators.

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You can use decorators in Aurelia It uses all the ES2015 and ES2016 goodies

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Interesting solution but according to its Package.js file it’s only available on the server. Did you toy with it on the client?

Intriguing, it leverages Babel by using its own extension ‘.es.js’. Sounds worth the experiment except for React’s JSX files. Not sure that I could chain both. At least for every bits that doesn’t use React, I could live with this double extension.


Yeah, the extension is convenience until Meteor officially suports ES2015 import export module loading. Plus Aurelia offers what React offers but far more…

At least not server-side rendering for the near future, but the framework is interesting enough to keep an eye on. Oh my eyes hurt!