Deep down Meteor framework and architecture


For anyone wishing to contribute to Meteor framework and stability in Github, I feel it can get complexity once the cores codebase for Meteor grow larger and might leave Javascript developer waiting for maintainers to bug fix.

So at this soon to be release Meteor 1.2, let take this point to guide any new contributors a good idea how to understand Meteor deep down technical code rather than some features that keep constantly need security patch, bug fix or update that could have been done with a few round of discussions and less submitting bug reports. Teach us how to assemble an aircraft from scratch and we can be contribute our features and code reliability effectively than blindly download and running code tests like Wordpress blackbox and most of us don’t understand what code has changes and are there any vulnerabilities introduce in the framework?

To make it short, we need more than just Github, someone ought to implement visualizations and interactive dashboard for reliability testings, monitoring and ability to narrow down problems fast without spending days to debug.

Sorry for my bad English.

What do you think?


Having actually read some of the source (accounts package) recently and struggling to understand the code flow, I think this would be really helpful. :smile:

+1 Sounds like a great idea.