Default load order in 1.3?

What is the default load order in Meteor 1.3?

I have a project I’ve tried to upgrade to 1.3 but meteor is always telling me that he doesn’t find the React. I’ve tried to add @React = require ‘react’ to the /lib folder but it seems I get error messages that React is not found. So probably the load order changed in 1.3 . What is it now? Or how to make in one line React work in 1.3 ? (without importing it in each file)

So have anybody encountered this problem? Because my app doesn’t run on 1.3, had to downgrade it to run.

Are you using the react meteor package?

Here is info on Meteor default load order from Meteor Guide. It has not changed from 1.2 unless you use imports/ directory.

can we have a load first file ?

Not exactly sure what you are asking. If you want to use the new Meteor 1.3 imports/ directory and lazy loading then you can put one main.js file in server and one in client as your two entry points, the section of the Meteor Guide I referenced covers this. If you want to depend on Meteor 1.2 style eager loading then just follow the default load order rules to determine which file is going to load first, i.e. be your entry point. Everything is covered pretty clearly in the Meteor Guide so make sure to read it.