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total newbie question here:

i was watching the first half of the totally awesome “meteor tips” series by david trumbull and was wondering: does meteor ship out of the box with a template that is used outside of meteor?

in other words, i see stuff like this in the video:

<h1>{{> leaderboard}}</h1>

<template name=“leaderboard”>
{{#each player}}
. . . . {{name}} : {{score}}

is this a templating language or framework i might recognize, such as blaze or backbone? i know its not angularJS !

Blaze is included by default in a new Meteor project.

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thank you very much. it appears the code i showed in my original post actually “spacebars” - i see the same syntax here:

and it appears that blaze sits inside of meteor. i thought maybe spacebars and blaze were the same thing, but maybe not:

Blaze is the engine responsible for rendering templates, while Spacebars is a template language that defines templates. If you use Meteor you’re stuck with Blaze (at least at the moment), but you can change the template language you use (at the moment, Jade is an alternative).