Delete from collection after age

Quick question:

I’m looking to delete any messages in my app that are 3 days old (though this can easily be changed to a week or whatever). This is because there will be many chatrooms and I’ve quickly realised implementing a bottom-to-top infinite scroll method is troublesome or ugly and I don’t want users to download an entire collection if it contains records that are months old. No-one (in a chat app at least) will want to retain messages that are more than a few days old anyway!

I downloaded the Synced-cron package and here is the code I have so far:

Meteor.startup(function () {

        name: 'Remove messages',
        schedule: function(parser) {
            // parser is a later.parse object
            return parser.text('every day');
        job: function() {
            var three_days_ago = new Date(new Date.getTime() - (3600000*72));
            var getMessage = Messages.find({ createdAt: {$lte: three_days_ago} });
            // This is where I'm stuck!

    // start the cron daemon

This is running on the server.

You can see where I’m stuck! My mind is just blank and my javascript isn’t the best (but improving, thanks to Meteor!) but I hope one of you kind gentlemen could point me in the right direction here.

Thanks in advance!


Hi, simple Messages.remove({ createdAt: {$lte: three_days_ago} }); instead .find should be what you are looking for.

See also:

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Looks like that should work! It didn’t delete any of my test data when I started it running so looking good :thumbsup: