Delete/rename an organization



I messed up my account and created an organization with a name that I would like to use as my username.
Is there any way (“customer” support?) to delete or at least rename the organization?



Same question here :+1:


Lets write an email to asking for help!

Btw, they won’t be able to change anything in case there’s already some package published using that organization/username.


Thanks for your reply, I got no reply at :smile:
But finally I used the organization to publish packages. Never mind !


Same question, sort of. I either want to delete an organization so someone else can create it and take ownership of it, or just transfer ownership of it. The name is right, but I shouldn’t be owner. :blush:


Did anyone ever get information back about how to do this ?


@sashko @slava Any ideas on how to do this? Or anything in the pipeline?


@babrahams, please do not mention people to get answers to your questions unless it’s relevant to me personally.


Fair enough, I understand it’s not your job to provide support/answers here.

But the question does arise: how do we reach out with questions that only MDG members can answer? It seems that someone emailed but didn’t get a reply.

Anyway, no disrespect intended and much appreciation for all you do for the community. It won’t happen again. :blush:


Hmm, I can see how the mentions can become abused accidentally. Maybe the Meteor team could add functionality so that only mentions can be used for users whom are currently within the thread.

Also for future reference. A private message, to the user with those instructions would have been better. At first glance when I returned to this thread, the reply seemed a little harsh , but I too understand the point intended.


@255kb , @babrahams I’m sure this is not the answer you are looking for, but I found a way to remove the organization from your list. It is not ideal but maybe the Meteor team will respond with a more practical solution.

When I made this mistake, I simply added a member to the organization named test. Then I removed myself from the organization, and it disappeared from the list. I’m not sure if test is controlled by the Meteor team but at least this is a temporary way to remove it from your list.

I would not recommend this for a lot of organizations, simply because if test is an official user, no one else will be able to use that organization name until it is released.


@rwatts, thanks for that. I was able to remove the organization from my list. Before I did, I added the correct owner to the organization, so I hope that he is able to edit etc. now.


Awesome. I am glad you were able to use the solution.


I have to say in addition, that our company name is not allowed yet

4commerce …

no number starting