Demeteorizer fails since upgrading app to Meteor 1.4

Since we upgraded our application from Meteor 1.3 to Meteor 1.4, demeteorizer is failing.

It is getting as far as this in the console output:

Demeteorizing application...
   Downloading meteor-tool@1.4.0-1...        \

Before this it seems to display a progress bar and takes about 5 minutes to download the tool.

But it never progresses past this point. I have left it running now for over 12 hours and it has not made any progress. If I re-run the demeteorizer command again I get the same problem.

Any thoughts on how I can make this work again?

Many thanks!

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that’s a modulus product right? Probably best to ask them. I don’t think they are very active here on Meteor forums.@vibledux is a Modulus founder, so I’ll loop him in, but he was last seen here on Oct 10, '15

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It is. Thanks for asking.

I’ll continue to investigate meanwhile.