Dependencies (again)

If I interpret this list correctly, then useraccounts:flow-routing is dependent on useraccounts:core version 1.14.2 which is dependent on softwarerero:accounts-t9n version 1.3.11 which is dependent on coffeescript version 1.0.17

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 21.42.02

Is that correct?

I also see a dependency on jquery version 1.11.11 - now how do I untangle this mess?

I find that there’s a NPM package for softwarerero:accounts-t9n. There’s also a NPM package for useraccounts:flow-routing.

Can I get rid of the Meteor package then as it seems it’s no longer maintained and replaced it with the NPM packages?

If not, which of the above packages do I need to replicate locally and change the restrictive version for the dependency?

Thanks in advance!

I have created a new version of useraccounts:flow-routing a few days ago but you are not using it yet.

The new version is the version 1.15.0, you can read the changes here.


Many thanks Filipe for pushing all these updates to outdated Meteor packages!