Dependency Problems after meteor update

Hi there,

i have a meteor application running as a server for my mobile app. Didn’t had much time to maintain the server due to the lack of time and fact that it was just running perfectly the hole time. I am now about to add features and wanted to update the hole thing beforehand. after meteor update (from Meteor 1.2.1) the server is not starting cuz of this error

[[[[[ ~/Documents/dev/git-repos/soccerbackend ]]]]]

=> Started proxy.                             
Your development database is using mmapv1, the old, pre-MongoDB 3.0 database engine. You should consider upgrading to
Wired Tiger, the new engine. The easiest way to do so in development is to run meteor reset. If you'd like to migrate
your database, please consult
=> Started MongoDB.                           
=> Errors prevented startup:                  
   While processing files with stylus (for target web.browser):
   packages/ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3/accounts_ui.styl: Stylus compiler error: accounts_ui.styl:85:2
   81| }
   82| .btn-Twitter{
   83|     color: white;
   84|     background-color: #4099FF;
   85| }
   fs.exists is not a function
=> Your application has errors. Waiting for file change.

i am aware of the “mongo-thing” but i haven’t yet updated to mongo3 and i hope this is unrelated.

here is the output of the meteor update command

i don’t really know what information i could give in addition to that, the main reason is i did not face this kind of problems in the past and i’m not very trained in resolving this (not a huge node/npm user at all)

i found similar errors http-remove-me-:// and https-remove-me-:// (sry as newbie i am not allowed to properly link) but they’re related to some other package. and the suggestions on there did not really helped me. i removed accounts ui meteor remove ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3 added stylus in a newer version meteor add stylus@=2.513.4 and readded accounts ui meteor add ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3 and i could start my server … but all my velocity tests are crashing i don’t really know how to go from here …

oh, what i found just now under .meteor/local/log/jasmine-client-integration.log -> Using velocity:METEOR@1.2.1_2 as requested (overriding Meteor i wonder what this means and where this is coming from. where do i request this (config wise)