Deploy a android react native meteor app


I created my first meteor react native app and I prepare myself to deploy it on android, ad its my first time, I dont knwo how to do it, if I need a server or just backend for meteor? if I can set up a connection url on android paltforme or put it directely inside code??

it ll be helpfull if you can help me with a guide to fllow.

Thanks you for your help

If you could enroll in @spencercarli class, he goes over how to connect a meteor server to a react native client.

Also this forked connection package is very helpful by @copleykj

That what I use, but not clear how to do when on production

If you have a setting config file, you can switch up your developer meteor server connection url to the production connection url. Two environment switches I know of are __DEV__ and process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production'.