Deploy app on Ubuntu server

So me and some other students are using Meteor for a web development project and we’re gonna have this test session with users soon. For this we want to deploy the meteor project on our own Ubuntu server just for the test period. Do someone have any good guides for this?

if you don’t want to use docker on your server (which is not the best idea :wink:

  • set up a mongodb server,
  • execute meteor build command (as seen in article)
  • add package.json (as seen in article)
  • you can just use the commands that are in the Dockerfile (just tweak them for ubuntu : apt-get instead of apk, nothing for RUN (just run the command after RUN), cp instead of COPY, cd instead of WORKDIR, export instead of ENV,
  • npm start to run meteor
    (maybe you can modify package.json to use forever before “node main.js”)

Here is our setup,

But you need some string sysadmins.

One new solution is
It is a NPM package that deploys your Meteor APP to any server.

// Install meteor-deploy on your computer
npm install -g meteor-deploy-git

// Init your server
meteor-deploy init

// Deploy using git
git push meteor-deploy master

Hi @meteordeploygit, welcome to the forums and thanks for contributing a useful tool to the community.

Can you make a new announcement thread explaining your package?
That way the one thread can be linked from question threads like this one

Also, I noticed that the instructions on the docs site have a small (but significant) error, with npm install -g meteor-deploy instead of npm install -g meteor-deploy-git

@meteordeploygit why closed source ? For now, imho, this is way behind mup which is open source, well documented and has a great and reactive community on gitter… good luck !

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