Deploy client-side only Meteor (Blaze) on S3?

Hi everyone,

I want to build a static website that will be deployed on S3 (and cloud-front) and communicate with different externals API (including my own that I will make with AWS Lambda and API Gateway).

So I only want to build the client without the server part, I know a lot of people do that with React, Angular and many other frameworks with their build tools (gulp webpack grunt…), but I’m really not familiar with front end development and I only know Blaze (and I’m really sad that people are starting to leave it, this is what makes Meteor easy and productive to use, I hate front end dev but Blaze made me like it a little).

TL;DR: Is it possible to build a client-side only Meteor app with Blaze and deploy it on S3 ?

You can try using meteor build client: Just be aware that your static site built using this tool will still render the page on runtime just like regular meteor app so it suffers from same SEO issues.

Are there any tools that will inject the client’s index.html file with the pre-rendered content? So that it Can have SEO?

Perhaps not quite the same thing:

(Been on my tinker list for awhile)

You’re right, that’s a little different and may not be what we’re looking for, because it’s designed to communicate with a meteor back-end.

We’re basically looking to use Meteor as a static site generator. Export all the necessary HTML, CSS, and JS files to make the entire front-end work without a back-end app server. Such that it can be hosted on S3, even.

It would also be good if the initial HTML included the content for SEO purposes, instead of injecting that content from a JS script.

My current thinking is tying up meteor 1.3 and wintersmith/metalsmith

Not ideal - so I’m looking for a react based solution (as im focusing down on that and RN now)

Hope its of some help - but im sure someone here will know much better

for React I ran into this react-static boilerplate, which seems to do a good job at what it claims to do. I’m probably going to use that, but it would be great if there was something I could use for Blaze since I’ve got a couple years of experience with Blaze and not so much React.

Thanks and yes, plenty to choose from in react land

Ive no non-hacky ideas for Blaze im afraid…except going the ‘microservice’ route…


Did you find solution for this?