Deploy fails with message "Sorry, that site belongs to a different user."

Following the simple-todos tutorial and everything goes well until I try to deploy and then I get the error “Sorry, that site belongs to a different user.”

I have logged in to my account successfully, so I don’t understand why I would get this error?

Any suggestions?

Are you deploying to a name that may be used by someone else?

Thank you msavin, that was the problem. I changed the name and the deploy worked.

Thanks, I got caught by the same problem and your answer was perfect!

The tutorial says:

“type: ‘meteor deploy’”.

So I typed exactly that - I thought maybe I’d be asked for a name later. Then I was prompted for an email address. THEN I saw a message saying the site belongs to a different user - which I assumed was something to do with the email address I’d just entered.

Is there any easy way to give feedback to Meteor? I think these changes might help other people:

  • the tutorial to say “replace my_app_name with a name you think will be unique, this will be the URL of your test app”
  • the error message to say “ belongs to a different user”.

Agreed, just working through the tutorial and had the same issue. I figured “my_app_name” was meant to be replaced, but figured I could just call it “simple-todos.” The error message had me messing around with my account settings for a while, when I just needed to create a unique name.