Deploy Meteor app on Synology server

Has anyone ever tried it?

Mine is a DS920 with 20 Gb of memory (INTEL Celeron J4125 at 2 GHz, 4 cores).

Planning to run MongoDb on Docker but I’m wondering what the best approach is for the Meteor app (which is only a backend app).

Thanks in advance!

If you package your meteor app in a docker container and publish it on docker hub you should be able to follow our tutorial here by basically just replacing the docker image name:

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Thank you so much, will give it a try!

I am not sure if your Synology server will have enough grunt, I tried to load the Mariadb package, and while it worked, it failed on loading a large database - it was significantly slower than my desktop i7, and ultimately failed every time I tried, so I wouldn’t hang much hope on it