Deploy meteor apps for just prototyping

How to deploy meteor apps for prototyping? meteor deploy command is not working.Does anyone have video or article about free hosting meteor apps?How to deploy meteor apps on heroku ?

If it is just for prototyping, I just sync it to a local webserver, start Meteor at port 80, and call it a day. Of course, that is just for prototyping as it will not perform (no separate db server etc), unsafe etc etc. But if it is just for prototyping… who cares? :grinning:

I want to show my static website to my client.How do I sync it to a local webserver?

You build a static website in Meteor? That is almost impossible? Why?

Using a combination of the free plans offered by Heroku and mLab are probably your best bet. Here are a couple of the more popular Meteor on Heroku posts: