Deploy Meteor apps via Windows with Meteor Up


Last week, I’ve made some changes and make it possible to install and use Meteor Up on windows.

If you haven’t know about Meteor Up, it’s a self deployment tool for Meteor where you can deploy your Meteor app into a Ubuntu server.



First install NodeJS in your windows machine.
Then install Meteor Up with npm i -g mup

For more information check Meteor Up docs:

Windows Port Tech

If you wan’t to know about how I’ve added windows support to Meteor Up. Here is it.

Meteor Up uses SSH to communicate with the server. Linux and Mac has built in SSH clients. Meteor UP uses them. But, windows does not comes with a built in SSH client. So, it prevents Meteor Up being working on Windows.

But, there is a nice project called ssh2 which is a pure javascript implementation of SSH. So, I’ve used it instead of using OS level SSH clients. It worked pretty well and I could even speed up the SSH communication process. It also lead to implement cool features like progress bars while uploading the meteor bundle to server.

I also had to remove the use of some bash scripts and re-write them pure javascript.

So, that’s the story behind the port and it was an easy task than I expected.


Great !!! bravo !! Thanks! youpi!


I won’t have time to try this until tomorrow BUT I can probably already say right now that I fucking love you!

Hi arunoda!

I am trying to deploy my meteor app in Windows localhost with meteor-up but I keep getting an error in Installing Docker “econnrefused”. Maybe I was doing something wrong in my configuration. Can you point me in the right direction in deploying a meteor app in windows? By the way I am relatively new to meteor. Thank you!