Deploy Meteor FinTech App consuming Yodlee APIs

I’d like help creating a Meteor app to consume Yodlee Financial Data APIs. My project will first focus upon Aggregation data using REST API

Yodlee’s APIs give access to financial account and transactional data, this is core to many new FinTech applications. The aim is to allow any developer to easily deploy a Yodlee integration which handles data safety and security using Meteor.

There are well documented examples using Rails, lets do something for Meteor.

When I can successfully deploy a working API connection between my Meteor app and the Yodlee API service, I’ll create a video tutorial which will shows beginning to end: “How to create a Meteor app that consumes Yodlee API”.

yodlee provide some pretty interesting APIs indeed.

where are you up to and where did you get stuck?

hey dcsan, I tried to get things going myself but I am pretty novice, so what I created using Meteor is going to be: messy to begin with / not suitable / trash(ed).
Anyway, I’ve cloned the differential boilerplate.
Created GitHub repo: “Meteor_Yodlee_Aggregation_Container”.

@SuperManfred Hey SuperManfred, are you still continuing with the project for integration of yodlee and meteor. I’m a newbie into meteor and was thinking of understanding yodlee api. Any leads into the development or any help I’d be able to offer.

@gutsyninja yes the project needs to be done, save everyone repeating the same steps. Also great to showcase Meteor as the fastest / easiest way to work with the Yodlee APIs, which would attract more fintech devs / startups to the platform. I need someone more experienced than me to work together on it, lets see what we can do

@SuperManfred Hi SuperManfred, are you still continuing with the yodlee and meteor proyect?