Deploy Meteor on Ubuntu


I never knew it is truly frustrating to host a Meteor app. If I’d known I would not have ran with it for the latest project I worked on. I have been trying the deployment of a simple project for more than 5 days to no avail, I have tried Meteorup, and as well custom deployment to no avail, These are the list of threads I have created over this issue:,,,,
I have read multiple pages trying to follow suggestions and none has worked. Please my simple question is has anyone successfully hosted a Meteor app, could you kindly furnish me with the guide. I appreciate.


Hi. I’m hosting with Meteor and Ubuntu on a VirtualBox on my Alienware 15 laptop.

My project is an MMO, I ran in to a LOT of problems while trying to push the boundaries of Meteor. So…

Welcome to Meteor; it’s hard. I’ve made a lot of noise in the community regarding this EXACT issue. On the surface, Meteor promises to be super easy. In truth, your situation is probably the norm.

I’ve spent about 2 years messing with Meteor, and fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons.

I don’t use MUP, I use my own special script to deploy the web server. Essentially a complete re-install of the web server every single update. Takes like 30 seconds to run.

Use Meteor Galaxy hosting

Use Meteor Galaxy hosting. Of course, you will still need to figure out your own MongoDB hosting. That in itself is a bit of a nightmare.

I ended up going the route of my own MongoDB hosting as well, as it’s super pricey. Configuring OpLog is insanely confusing too. But again, I’ve built my own custom solution to this problem.

Meteor is a dream and a nightmare at the same time

But, no one else is doing this. If you can survive, and your app is successful, it’s shelf life is… I don’t see and end of life for this technology tree at the moment. Compare to Wordpress in PHP for example; yikes, that stuff is getting old pretty quick. Can’t app-ify it, and it’s slow, and non-reactive.

Stick with it, struggle, struggle a long


I host my app on DO droplets running Ubuntu 16, and deploy using mup. Can you tell me what steps you followed, what errors you are getting and I will try to help.

It seems you are also running mongodb in the same instance?


I don’t usually advice beginners to self-host their Meteor apps or try to use tools like mup or mupx until they fully understand Meteor deployment and pricing options. You can host on Meteor’s own Galaxy, Digital Ocean and Scalingo. Galaxy and Scalingo offer scalable hosting platforms so you can focus on your app development.