Deploy Meteorapp (1.2.1) to galaxy ist not Working

Ok i dont know if it’s me, the documentation or a bug but i can’t get my Meteor App deployed. I want it to run anywhere and to test it online for a couple of hours.

Using windows, Meteor 1.2.1 and Galaxy. I was following this Guide meteor-guide.

what i do:

meteor deploy --settings settings.json

I have a creditcard added to my Account and I am logged in to eu-west-1. Of course i have made a settings.json with valid MONGO_URL attribute.

getting: Error deploying application: Connection error (connect ETIMEDOUT) for some hours now.

Please help :tired_face:

A couple of hours ago i was able to succesfully deploy to galaxy but when i tried to visit the “App URL” it told me “DNS-Error” so i deleted it and tried it again.

Please log a support ticket from within Galaxy so our support engineers can help get your app deployed!