Deploy on Windows, or not?


Run on different ports, point their environments (MONGO_URL) at separate databases (on the same mongodb instance if you like) and put up a proxy server (nginx, apache etc) in front.


Thank you for the fast response. I’ll look into your suggestion to see if there’s a detailed explanation
on how to do just that with mongo.


So no one has gotten their meteor app to run in node on windows?

I keep getting excited coming across things about meteor up running on windows, but then I realize it is not the deployed part.


There is absolutely no reason against deploying Meteor on Windows. Meteor works on Node and Node does work on Windows.

But to be frank, I do wonder the overall percentage of windows node deployments (in the whole node world, not just meteor), if there are any :wink:


I use Windows for development but deploy my apps to Ubuntu VMs (on Azure). Deploying to a Linux box is much cheaper and you get more bang for your buck since it uses less resources than a Windows box.

My 2c


I think Meteor should build for a Windows Server architecture as node does work on Windows and in the end we’re just building another Node.js app using Meteor right!?


BTW – I have a “mostly” working Meteor app running natively on windows. In fact – it’s actually a self-contained Desktop app (of all things). However – this is NOT a perfect (IMHO) solution due to (again, IMHO) a bug in how Meteor uses fibers on Windows. I opened a bug on the issue, but so far not even a peep from anyone on fixing it. What’s the bug? When you build your application on Windows – it does not use the standard fibers@1.0.5 like for other platforms – instead it hard codes a URL to Meteor git repository for some “special” version (what exactly it is it a bit vague). Ok – sounds good, right?


Unlike the actual fibers@x.x.x npm modules, the Meteor version does NOT include the already compiled node module for 0.10.36 (or any other version for that matter). This means that npm then tries to compile it for you – but unless you happen to have a 10 year old VS 2005 C++ compiler on hand, it can’t. I tried VS 2015, etc. but the build system changed pretty drastically in VS2010 it appears.

So – the only thing I did get going was –

– use demteorizer to create the output dir
– modify the package.json and replace the Meteor fibers URL back to “1.0.5” vanilla
– npm cache clean
– npm install

That gets me runnable application –
– node main.js

So with the caveat that I am not sure there isn’t some bug lurking around with the stock fibers (and I haven’t tried fibers@1.0.6) that may blow up the application – it appears to run just fine.

Hope this helps people …


Did we find any solution for this problem? Is it possible to deploy meteor app on windows machine (or localhost)?
I tried demeteorizer but still I am not able to deploy my app.
This is really frustrating me now.


This is really a pain for us too.

I have tried to get METEOR into the Enterprise zone of EU and obviously they only host their stuff on microsoft servers.
Hence, I have a BIG problem with NO real way to deploy to WINDOWS.

I hoped Galaxy was really a way of deploying on premises apps, but it seems it’s the cloud again.
EU related apps will never be on cloud as they don’t trust other countries’ access to their data.

Hence, if MDG will not take this really missing part of the METEOR, the ability to do meteor deploy against one of your existing servers (Linux, MAC, Windows) then METEOR projects WILL NOT be adopted by most of the companies.

They say you have a big benefit of developing fast, but that is merely cancelled if you cannot deploy or it takes years and work-arounds that not always work to do the deployment job.

So MDG, wake up, and please support all the deployments OS for production and not just (your) cloud. We really need WINDOWS deployment support and we really need ON PREMISES deployments!


Even meteor development on Windows seems to be an issue, I have never found a fix for seeing my scripts in

Anyone else?


Yes, but how? :(worried:


If you find it, please share it. I have been searching for that and haven’t found any detailed explanation on how to do it…


@stojadinovicp - To do what exactly? Run multiple apps on the same Windows Server with the same or different MongoDB’s? Either should be pretty easy.


@sjmcdowall To deploy a Meteor app on Windows. There is not a single source on how exactly to do that.

I’m glad that it’s easy for you. Then you can write up a blog post or something similar about that and we will all be very greatfull.


If you want it to stand alone, try investigating this:

The only downside is that updates are difficult. I would recommend writing two apps, one that acts as the server and the other that acts as the client. And then run the client on the Windows machine using the above.


The whole point of Meteor is to not write two apps but one.

I’ve read on many pages “build it and then easily deploy it as a node.js app” and yet with so many people saying it’s easy, noone wants to explain it to someone who simply does not know how to do that “easy” task?


Do this: