Deploy to <app> including the local database?


Greetings, I’ve been developing my first Meteor application and just tried to use the free service provided by to deploy it for further testing and quick feedback from my colleagues, however the database isn’t included.

Could you please tell me how to either deploy with the local database that I’m using (< 50 MB) or perhaps remotely restore it afterwards? I hope it’s not by design.

Many thanks for Meteor, it’s great regardless!


I don’t know if you can change the Mongo URL on but my first guess would be to export your db then throw it on somewhere like mongolab or compose. If its not a lot of data you can export the json and have Meteor insert it on startup if there’s no existing records.

There’s some resources out there on how to connect to the Mongodb on but I’ve never been able to do it, if I remember right the credentials rotate ever couple minutes or something


The long way to do it. Write a seed function to seed your db from scratch. Benefits include:

  • reset your db to a clean slate anytime
  • easily write unit tests or end to end tests
  • take your code to a diff env and have a demo up in minutes (e.g home/work/gf’s place)


Okay, thanks. Now I’ve got my database hosted on but still can’t find a proper way of linking the two because I can’t change MONGO_URL.

Alternatively, has anyone had any experience with deploying on OpenShift? Is it worth a try? This in-house service seems to be too restrictive and undocumented to be useful. :confused:


I’d prefer a short one, but thanks. :smile: