Deploy to Zeit | meteor-now deployment basics


Hey guys,

I decided to deploy my project to Zeit using the meteor-now package.
However, when I check the deployment (using the .sh URL or the alias) I don’t get my website, but rather a directory list. Apparently the problem is that I don’t have an “index file” for the “/” route… but I tried putting my project’s index.html file from the client folder to the root, and it didn’t work, either.

I tried two different commands: meteor-now and meteor-now -e ROOT_URL=
My domain is correctly pointed to Zeit, so this is probably not the cause.

Any ideas what I could do?


meteor-now does not work with zeit now 2.0
you should use version 1


Thanks! Would never have guessed that. Do you know whether it is possible to downgrade Zeit or still download 1.0? (couldn’t find it)


There’s a github issue regarding this:

This is the second time in the past few months that now has made a change that made meteor-now incompatible. The first time was when they set a limit on built image sizes of 100mib. The workaround to this was to force now cloud v1:

Regarding the newest change: On the now spectrum chat, a member of the now team said that the workaround mentioned above should let you continue using now v1, so I’m not sure why it’s not working:

Regardless of what happens, the creator of meteor-now has stated in that first (current) issue that he plans to keep the project going, possibly on a different platform. Pretty cool!


I love meteor-now. you can specify now v1 in the now.json


Same! Meteor-now is awesome. Have you had success with using now.json though? In the past I found that now.json (or putting now settings in your package.json) did not work when deploying with meteor-now, hence why cloud v1 was put directly into meteor-now:

Here’s the issue I made for that one:

It seems like the link you provided may provide a fix for the time being though - maybe both "features": { "cloud" : v1" } and "version": 1 are necessary?


One last thing - I just did a test deploy and everything worked fine, even without "version": 1, so I’m not sure what’s causing OP’s issue.

@patrickcneuhaus - what version of meteor-now are you using?


It might work for you because you were already v1 user, so as long you don’t migrate your account to version 2 all your projects will be kept using v1 even you don’t specify them with version: 1.
So its important to both declare version: 1 and the v1 of docker.


@qualitymanifest Thanks for the reply! I am using the latest version from meteor-now with NPM (0.7.0).


I tried adding the now.json file with

    "features": {
       "cloud": "v1"

but had no success. It still gives me a directory list instead of my app.

My file structure is:

  • .meteor
  • client
    - index.js (that imports the index.js files from imports/startup and the index.html file on the root)
  • imports
  • lib
  • node_modules
  • public
  • server
  • tests

I read through the discussions you guys mentioned, but unfortunately it is all looking very complicated to configure (and giving bugs where it shouldn’t). Any recommendations on a different solution to host simple Meteor apps for a very low entry price (let’s say lower than USD 10/month)?


“Any recommendations on a different solution to host simple Meteor apps for a very low entry price (let’s say lower than USD 10/month)?”

You can host your app on NodeChef for $9


I have one more idea, I just found a setting that might work:

Log on at

Go to your account page

Scroll down to Platform Version and select v1 (assuming it isn’t selected already?) and click save

Then try deploying again. Please let me know if this works


@qualitymanifest thanks changing this setting worked for me. Will be keeping an eye on this thread.


Google compute engine 4.8$ month, depends your app, but google app engine recommended